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Family Law and Trusts 

Drafting pre-nuptials agreements, surrogacy agreements, divorce agreements. We also provide estate planning, including trustee services, drafting trust agreements, gifts, revocable and irrevocable trusts and foundations.  





Wills, Inheritance and Succession


Drafting wills based on Israel law and coordinating with foreign counsel with respect to specific jurisdictions and advising clients on their international wills. We specialize in probating (foreign wills) in Israel and the administration of estates of deceased foreigners. 

Real Estate Law 

Sales & lease agreements, in Israel, the Netherlands and Italy. 


Property and Art Restitution 


Assisting in cases of property restitution and looted art from the Nazi era, specifically including  artworks acquired between 1933 and 1945.

Human Rights Law in Europe and Israel 


Providing legal counsel for non-profit organizations in the field of human & civil rights law in Europe and in Israel, including discrimination, and religious rights. 

Corporate Law 
Providing legal counsel and legal opinions on all aspects of Israeli corporate law and contracts law. 



about us

Naamat Law Office is dedicated to the effective representation of its clients' interests and providing advice and legal services at the highest levels.


We are passionate about providing consistently high-quality services, specifically tailored to our clients' ever-changing needs. We value your business and are here to expedite, facilitate, manage and move your interests forward to full fruition. Our firm cooperates with other experts in various fields across Israel and Europe - professors, researchers, legal practitioners and lawyers - to provide you with multilingual, cross-border and comprehensive legal services. 

Advocate Talia Naamat is a U.S. born attorney. She received her law degree in 2004 (L.LB, Bar Ilan University), and a master's degree in comparative religion with honours in 2015 (M.A., Tel Aviv University). Talia is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2005. She has co-edited four legal compendiums in the field of comparative constitutional law and international human rights law. Talia is a contributing researcher at the Center for Contemporary European Jewry at at Tel Aviv University. 


In 2014, Talia received the Raoul Wallenberg Human Rights Award for her work on the "Legislating for Equality" series of legal text books.


Talia can be contacted at:

Jacob Houdijk is an advocate, admitted to the Israel Bar in 2006 and a notary since 2018. He has a Master in Law from the “Vrije” University, Amsterdam (LL.M., 2002). Before entering private practice, Jacob started his legal career at the office of the Deputy Attorney General for International Affairs at the Ministry of Justice at the Department for International Agreements and International Litigation. 

Advocate Jacob Houdijk can be contacted at:

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